Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Well that could have gone better. GT part 1.


It has now been nearly a month since the GT and I am just about over the disappointment. I will briefly go over my games and then make a load of excuses. I won't go back over my list as it is all in the previous post.

Game 1: vs Jungkoo Saeys (Grey Knights)

5 objectives, Spearhead deployment.

Jungkoo took a slightly different GK list, it was roughly; Libby + 5 Terminators, 1x 10 man Strike Squad 1x 5 man Strike Squads in Razorbacks, 1x Storm Raven, a Vindicare Assassin and 3x Dread Knights.

I was pretty confident to begin with as I thought my Mindstrikes would have a field day, he didn't have much in the way of ranged anti-tank so my Ravens were pretty safe and between them and the dreads I should be able to out shoot him. He got first turn and set up pretty aggressively, only reserving 1 dread knight that would deep strike. The terminators and libby went in the Raven. I decided to reserve my Ravens but set up the razorbacks and dreadnoughts to try and de-mech him as quickly as possible so that I can use my mobility to pick him off a unit at a time. The game seemed pretty close until the very end, his aggressive deployment allowed him to spread out and sit his troops on objectives while the terminators and dread knights kept me in my corner. However I managed to kill off the vehicles with the dreadnoughts and the dread knights with the storm ravens as they came on.

When turn 5 came around I still only had 1 objective and he still had 3. Despite killing all of his major threats he still had most of his troops left, each sitting on an objective. To make matters worse I had lost two Ravens to charges from the terminators and a dread knight respectively and my third storm raven had been immobilized. However I had the libby & death cults advancing on one objective who could get there as long as there was a turn 6, the purifiers and a couple of death cults threatening the mostly untouched 10 man squad sitting on another and there was 1 man remaining back on his home objective. In an inspiring round of shooting from the immobilized raven, using machine spirit it managed to wipe out both of the smaller units. Also the dreadnoughts and purifiers shot the large squad down to a more managable number. At the end of turn 5 it would have been a draw on objectives.

Luckily the game went to turn 6, I managed to get the purifiers in to charge the last 4 models he had left, a lone death cult failed its charge to help out. The purifiers killed 2/4 of the strike squad, they then flee but unfortunately I caught them and they passed their fearless wounds. Had I wiped them out or not caught them when I chased I would have got the 20-0 but as it was I had taken enough damage to make it a 17-3 win.

Not too many excuses to make after this game, I lost both storm ravens to charges where 6's were needed to hit and where the unit that did it rolled exceedingly well, but that happens in a dice game. The loss of mobility made it a lot harder to get rid of his troops as my army does rely on combat to deal with infantry, especially as I had to spend the mindstrikes mostly on his dread knights.

Game 2: vs Franco Murufo (Grey Knights)

Take and Hold, Pitched battle.

Another grey knight army, this time a bit more standard fare. He had Coteaz, an inquisitor with grenades, 7x combat purifiers in a storm raven. 2x 5 Death cults in RBs, 2x 5 Acolytes with some meltaguns in RBs and 2x 5 man strike squads in RBs. Of course there was also the 3 standard issue dreads with autocannons.

Once again I went second so I reserved the storm ravens. I have to admit that Franco didn't have the best luck. That said, I think he really should have been far more aggressive and pushed on to the middle objective. Instead he sat back and let me have the board control. This allowed me to put a unit of death cults in cover on the central objective and make him come to me. I could also turbo my Ravens on and multimelta his dreads. Once they were neutralized my dreads could focus on destroying his razorbacks and storm raven.

Not much more to say about this game. He only had 2 badly damaged razorbacks and 3 purifiers left. 19-1 win to me.

Game 3: vs Alex Harrison (Grey Knights) (sensing a pattern yet?)

Capture and Control, Pitched battle.

Another grey knight army: Coteaz, Inquisitor with nades, 2x 5 Death cults in RBs, 4x 3 acolytes, 2 in RBs, 2 in Chimeras. 2x 10 Purifiers in RBs that steal the chimeras, 3x Dreadnoughts.

This was a very stupid game, I won the roll off to go first and set up everything except the acolytes that would walk on on foot. Alex then spent ages deciding whether to set up or not. In the end he talked him self in to reserving everything except the dreads. He then rolled to see whether he would have seized if he had set up and of course he rolled a 6 so he was kicking himself. I figured that this game had draw written all over it so I thought I may as well try and push if for no other reason than to stop him getting to me. I then rolled atrociously on the damage charts and managed to fail to destroy any dreadnoughts in 2 turns of shooting. This was a trend that continued all game. In the end I had immobilized all 3 of his dreads and blown off 5 weapons. I backed off as he came on and it looked all set to be a draw until a turn of madness that saw 600+ points disappear to a pair of psycannons on two remaining purifiers that refused to die.

I had tried to keep some points safe and reinforce my objective against a small unit of death cults who were trying to move up by jumping the libby and his unit of death cults out of their storm raven and moving them out of line of sight of his army. The storm raven then moved 12" away to shoot at his advancing unit. Another storm raven carrying purifiers turbo'd across to just within 6 inches of the libby to get the 3+ save from shrouding. Then the two purifiers manage to shoot down the turboing raven when I failed the one 3+ save I had to make, it of course explodes the full 6", catches 6 of the libby's squad kills all 6, they fail their ld 10 check and run off the board, to add insult to injury 3/5 purifiers also die. Then as the libby is dead the dreadnought just in front loses his 3+ cover and of course I roll a 3 and he also explodes. This point swing results in the game being a 8-12 draw.

It was pretty frustrating but there was not much I could have done, he had passed about eight 3+ saves on the two remaining purifiers before they shot down the Raven, some times the dice gods like to take the piss.


  1. That was a nice read, thanks for posting.

    How did day two go ?


  2. Wheres part 2, lol. Nice write ups by the way