Wednesday, 9 May 2012

GT part 2.

I left this way too long to remember what happened on day 2 except that I had to play probably my worst match up, a near mirror match against Gaz Donnelly at kill points, TWICE. His list is very similar to mine except that where I fill my storm ravens with infantry he just takes venerable dreads. He also doesn't take the razorbacks for his acolytes. I think this means his list suffers from more bad match ups, especially armies like necrons and tau. It does however give him a massive advantage against me.

All my assassins and purifiers don't do anything against an army of only vehicles and the fact that both games were kill points pretty much gave the games away. Some dice rolls certainly didnt help though I will not suggest they were the reason that I lost (but 3 penetrating melta bombs on an already immobilized and weaponless storm raven without killing it does still stick in my mind).

The other game was against Leon Smith's tyranids, I think Leon played a bit too defensively and never really bothered with the objectives, but it did allow him to keep the vp difference down meaning a 16-4 win to me.

I came 38th overall and was pretty disappointed. Losing to Gaz twice in one day at the same mission did take the enjoyment out of the weekend as the last game was a forgone conclusion as soon as I knew the draw.

Hopefully now I have got the bitter taste of defeat out of my mouth I can actually start posting regularly. I have been to both the 1st Rampage heat and a one day tourney in reading since the GT so I will post brief reviews of those and look forward to War of the Roses at the weekend.

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