Tuesday, 11 September 2012

First 6th Ed Tournament: GT Heat 1.

So, like a lot of people I got bored of 5th with 6th on the horizon, but now its here and after playing 8 games of this edition it seems good so I'm back. I attended my first tournament of 6th last weekend, the first GT heat at maelstrom. Since moving away from York I haven't really had much opportunity to get any practice games in so with the exception of an intro game in a GW store and one proper game down at battlecult last tuesday I was going in pretty blind.

I left the painting a bit late so decided to take my dark eldar as it only required painting up a farseer and a unit of pathfinders.

Here is the list I took: (only two ravens unfortunately)

1850 Points Dark Eldar with Eldar Allies:


105 - Baron Sathonyx
55 - Haemonculus, Venom Blade


335 - 20x Hellions, Helliarch, Stun Claw
30 - 3x Wracks

Fast Attack:

294 - 9x Reaver Jet Bikes, 3x Cluster Caltrops, 3x Heat Lances
304 - 9x Reaver Jet Bikes, 3x Cluster Caltrops, 3x Heat Lances, Arena Champion

Heavy Support:

165 - Void Raven, 2x Shatterfield Missiles
165 - Void Raven, 2x Shatterfield Missiles


128 - Farseer, Doom, Eldar Jet Bike, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding

120 - 5x Pathfinders

145 - Nightwing (from imperial armour aeronautica)

Total = 1846

The idea is that hopefully people will be taking fewer non-flyer vehicles now, and more infantry on foot. This means the reavers can make full use of their new 48" range per turn to wipe whole units from the board, especially if the farseer dooms the target.

The hellions are still a pretty robust scoring unit, they should mostly just use their shooting though they can assault small units if required. The changes to leadership mean they are far less likely to run off the board. The wracks give their pain token to the hellions via the baron and then hide on an objective. The pathfinders are pretty tough against shooting in cover and the ap1 precision shots can be handy for killing heavy/assault weapons out of units.

The haemonculus gives his token to the reavers with the farseer to boost their survivability. The void ravens are mostly there to take down enemy flyers or vehicles, the shatterfield missiles are nice against massed infantry too if needed. The Nightwing is mainly there to soak AA/AT fire by evading and recieving a 2+ cover save due to its shrouded and agile rules. It does have 2x bright lances and 2x Shrieken cannons which can take down most flyers if they ignore it or can't take it down.

So there is the list I took and a brief outline of my thoughts when I wrote it. I will post some brief battle reports and assess how I and the list did in the next day or so.


  1. All the units in your list are good and the equipment is optimsed well, however it just seems too small. I like that you've not got any of the very fragile raiders and venoms (quite the opposite of the list I'm plying) so I'm looking forward to reading how you get on with the list.


  2. What a great Eldar army, it's everything that appeals to me about the Eldar. I run a Saim Hann army and I've added Dark Eldar allies (I'm currently painting the Dark Eldar up as Corsairs from the Void Dragons), but I must say I prefer the idea behind this army to my own.
    I don't own the Imperial Armour Aeronatica but I do own Imperial Armour 11 (Doom of Mymeara), do you know if the stats for the Nightwing are the same?

  3. I don't have IA 11 but the nightwing in IA:A is AV10 2HP 2 bright lances 2 cannons, has shrouded and vector dancer and if it jinks gets a 2+ cover.

  4. Wow! That's a bit different to IA:11. Think I might have to get my hands on that then ;-).
    Do you use the Razorwing Jetfighter model as a Void Raven or have you converted it to have an additional cockpit?

    1. I use the eldar Void Dragon Phoenix bomber model for a void raven. All the dark eldar stuff was done within a month of release so the Razorwing wasn't around then.

  5. That's what has put me off of going down the flyer route for Eldar/Dark Eldar, Forge World flyers aren't cheap and I'd need 2 Razorwings to make a Void Raven.
    Hopefully the rumours of GW releasing additional flyers sometime soon will make this affordable ;-)

  6. I've got fed up of waiting for an official GW voidraven, so I've ordered the bits to make a voidraven. You don't need much of the second razorwing, so I've just ordered the hull and thrusters from a botz store.