Wednesday, 12 September 2012

GT Heat 1. Game 1.

I won't do a detailed battle report for each game as I didn't take any pictures, but I will briefly go through the main points of each game.

Game 1 vs James Meikle
Mission was 5 objectives, deployment was Hammer and Anvil (lengthways)

James was taking horde orks, his list was roughly:

Big Mek with KFF
2x30 Shoota Boyz with 3 rockits
1x30 Slugga boyz with nob
12 Grots
2x10 Lootas
20 Storm Boyz + Special character
2x copters
3x Kannonz
Aegis defense line with quad gun

I rather stupidly stacked the objectives in one half thinking that because I had the baron I would probably get that side forcing him to come at me. Of course I rolled a one and he got them. However it was night fighting turn 1 so I could set up in relative safety. Basically my two reaver squads focused on one side of his battle line and wiped out one unit of lootas first turn getting me first blood. The hellions mostly sat in a central ruin and took pot shots at an advancing slugga boy squad.

When the flyers came on they managed to wipe out the other shoota boy squad with their missiles. The reavers killed the grots and the big mek and the hellions finally charged the slugga boys on an objective. wiping them out between shooting and combat after the farseer had doomed them. This left James with no troops and the storm boyz still to come down. We called it there as we were running short of time and he realistically couldn't change the out come as I held 3 objectives and the storm boyz could only contest 1.

The hammer and anvil set up is fantastic for the reavers as there is usually loads of space behind the enemy to maneuver into after doing their fly by attacks. Doom & poisoned weapons and the reavers makes short work of even 30 man units.

So Game 1 win.

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  1. Come on, pull your finger out and post the rest of them ;-)